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Laws And How They Came To Be.

Having no regulations to guide and prevent people from doing some activities makes the environment very uncomfortable as people will not live in peace. Man has always wanted to own everything that they set their eyes on and this is dangerous for the environment. Most people would not survive in this state because the dominant ones will always be inflicting some pain on them. In order for everyone to coexist and survive in our society, there needs to be rules that will dictate how people will live.

For a very long time, according to some scholars, this was the case of man’s existence. It is believed that humans never cared about each other. Wise people in the society dreamt of something different. An agreement was formed between the people who decided to follow some rules they thought would make live more enjoyable. To live in harmony, people had to be protected from one another’s hostility. People embraced the suggestions and soon made into laws.

Laws are positive legal rules that bind people to behave in a particular way. Laws cannot be self-implemented and are thus overseen by a body of people considered to have studies and know it. The law directs people on how they should live alone and with others. Laws also act as some guide of behavior. The law prevents people from doing what is not right. Anyone that is found breaking a law is punished according to the kind of rule they break.

Government is what people relate to laws. Countries and governments have laws that govern them, the same applies to religion, the sporting world also has laws that govern them, companies and organizations also have rules and regulations that every worker in the company and anyone who interacts with them should adhere to.

There are different types of laws that govern people and every sector in society has laws.;

The relationship between the people and the government is defined by a set of laws known as public laws.

In order to prevent people from doing wrong to one another, there are a set of laws that help in this.

Negative sanctions are administered and dictated by a set of laws known as criminal laws.

Substantive law is the branch of law that defines what is wrong and how to handle a situation and what can be done to avoid the wrong.

We also have international law which is basically a law that defines how countries in the world over should exist in harmony and what could be done to a state that goes against this. Some bodies like The International Court of Justice help to translate and interpret laws for the whole world.

Not everyone in the public can understand laws and this calls for trained people like lawyers and judges that are tasked with helping people understand what the law requires.

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