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Types of Land Surveying Equipment

One of the oldest sciences on the planet is land surveying. It is there in the historical records that deal with human evolution. Its main goal is measure magnitudes on the land. Measurement of heights and distances are some of the activities that are involved in the land surveying. Land is the most important resources that people own. The need for carrying out land surveying in the current world has been highly pressured by population growth. Title deeds are issued when the subdivision is done on land. Land surveyors are the individuals who are trained to carry out land surveying For one to become a qualifies land surveyor he or she must know about using various survey equipment. Several land surveying equipment are available in the market. One of the initial tools is chain and the tape.

They are mostly used in land distance measurements of predetermined points. They were used in the ancient, but they are still used today. theodolites can be categorized as land surveying equipment. They determine the bearing of lines. Controls are a must when using theodolites. These are commonly called traverse controls. The process that is used in their establishment is called levelling. The equipment that is used in the heighting is called a level. There are both analog and digital leveling equipment. These controls created by levels are the starting points of any measurement done in land survey. Total station is also an additional tool for land survey. It measures distance electronically using the EDM. They include the simultaneous determination of distance and direction. They are used in the combination with a reflector that acts as the target. It employs the use of laser beam in setting up and direction measurement.

The recent technology has seen the innovation of a more advanced land surveying tool. For instances the GPS that stands for global position system. GPS are very new inventions and occur in different versions. They use satellite in the process of measurement. Land surveyors mostly use the Trimble GPS. Trimble GPS can be carried around easily and makes more accurate results. It uses software that is customized to fit the surveys functionalities. One of the main features of the interface is that it is easy to use. They offer storage for any data that has been captured during surveying. One can also use external storage devices to store the ground data. The GPS has revolutionized land surveying. Land surveying is undertaken very quickly using the Trimble GPS. There are some factors that are to be put in mind when purchasing the land surveying tools. One of them is the type of survey that they intend to do. The accuracy requirements of the survey are also a must. Land surveying results will highly depend on the choice of land surveying equipment used.

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