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How To Make a Unique Logo Without Spending Money

You’re here, reading this post because after so many years trying to market your business and attempting to build your own brand, you finally realize how important it is to have a good logo. In the past, making a logo was quite a complex endeavor, but these days, the availability of online tools has made it possible to create DIY logos that don’t cost a dime. Well, the only challenge really is figuring out a way to create a logo that will be completely unique to your business or brand.

Find a Good Online Tool

Obviously, the first step in this logo creation process is to find the best online tool. You have the option to go for a free online tool or maybe pay a bit for a premium version that’s usually less than $20.

The Shape

While most people will tell you that the foundation of the logo is the text you put in it or the figure you’re incorporating, the truth is the most important thing you figure out at least initially is the shape of the logo. The shape needs to be the base of your logo design. As soon as you come up with the shape, you then can begin experimenting with colors, effects, and sizes.

The Simpler the Better

Bear in mind that in creating logos, keeping it simple will do the trick. The fact is many beginners commit the mistake of overdoing it, in the hope of coming up with something fancy. All you really need to be concerned about are the font and shape. By insisting on the use of many colors and fonts, your targeted audience will most likely get confused as to what sort of message you’re trying to convey.

Copying is a Big No

It also is very important in logo creation that you never will copy someone else’ logo. This is where the concept of being unique depends. And if you insist on copying some elements of another logo, you end up losing because it is more likely that you’re copying from a bigger and more established brand.

Be Sure to Think Outside the Box

Lastly, don’t forget to tap the creativity in you by thinking outside the box. It’s the reality that brands stick to the common and conventional that’s making them fail to come up with a unique logo which instantly stands out. If you really are serious about your success in your first attempt to make a logo for your brand, then you have to dare to be different.

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